Data destruction

Everyone who uses a modern personal computer, mobile phone or tablet PC creates a data footprint which can be recovered under the right circumstances; Usually quite easily…

Nearly every business stores data and that data can be personal to both employees and customers alike. Business data is BIG BUSINESS to hackers who regularly try to infiltrate emails accounts and social spaces to scam or blackmail innocent users.

When we recover old technology we use the best, industry standard software available to completely erase your computer hard drive or mobile device. Not only that, but we can rapidly, physically destroy a large number of devices very quickly by crushing circuitry and hard drive platters.

Many companies choose to store old computers and mobile phones rather than dispose or recycle. This can be down to fear  and uncertainty that the data on the devices may fall into the wrong hands.

Systems Recycling  can provide telephone and computer disposal and recycling service for any public sector organisation, school, college or university. We are fully committed to delivering a professional standard of service. Our representatives engage with the task in hand quickly, minimising disruption and in full consideration of the property and local environment. We have already  assisted major blue chip clients from such industries as Insurance and Media.

Removing sensitive data from mobile phones, PDA’s, Tablets and more importantly PC’s, Laptops and Hard Disk Drives is taken very seriously . Data is destroyed by  Blancco Certified Data Erasure. Mechanically pulverising data sensitive devices can also guarantee that all data is removed completely.