Get money back on your old Telecoms

We are always on the lookout for used telephones and headsets that are not quite at end of life. This could be something as simple as a few desk phones, headsets or a full PBX system.

Like anything else, some brands and models are worth more than others, so get in touch with us if you have something which you think may be of value. We consider all telecoms, deskphones, headsets and PBX systems in any quantity from a single handset to 10,000 handsets (or even more!).

We are specifically interested in Avaya, Mitel, Polycom, Samsung and Ericsson brands so get in touch with us today.

urbis schreder

Urbis Schreder

Systems recycling provided to Urbis a highly professional and very efficient service, safely and without disrupting our work force.  Friendly, cost neutral and fast service. We will definitely be working with them in future.

Julian Wilson, I.T. Manager | Urbis Schreder Ltd

Data Destruction

We see a number of old computers, servers and business telephone systems that come to us for ethical recycling that have not had hard disk drives removed. On these drives could be your personal details, company secrets, emails, spread-sheets, word documents and images which users have forgotten about.

While this is not an inconvenience to us, we dispose of old computer equipment ethically and this involves data destruction, we would always remind the customer that they should take care of personal and professional data.

When we recover old technology we use the best, industry standard software available to completely erase your computer hard drive or mobile device. Not only that, but we can rapidly, physically destroy a large number of devices very quickly by crushing circuitry and hard drive platters.


Technology Disposal

Every large corporation needs an effective upgrade strategy. This strategy may cover a variety of equipment. Its not just computers that need to be disposed of. Telephones, Servers, cabinets, racking, printers, cables and keyboards are being upgraded and replaced everyday.

With so many new trends and breakthroughs in the world of I.T. and Media planning becomes ever more important. Planning for collection of old technology should be a part of multi-site projects.

We can arrange for quick collection and disposal of technology and peripherals while offering a low cost service. We can even offset costs and assist with reclaiming residual value on old servers and telephone systems.