Electrical Waste

About 20 to 50 million tons of electronic waste is produced worldwide each year, and most of it is incinerated or dumped into landfills. Pressure to reduce pollution, conserve raw materials and save energy has increased exponentially over the past 10 years . Electronic Circuitry contains containments that can have detrimental affects on the environment and in third world countries most of this is just burnt which gives off toxic gas.

We like to make sure all worthless devices are stripped, prepped and crushed ready to begin life as a new device. Circuit board can be turned into home insulation, plastics can be remoulded into new telephones  and some component parts will be crushed and processed for chemical recovery. Some devices have residual value, and we will tell you if this is the case, where data can be wiped from the device and it could be resold at some time in the future.

Systems Recycling are fully committed to delivering a professional standard of service. We are WEEE Compliant and T11 registered which means you can be confident everything we process is handled correctly as per the Environment Agency guidelines.

We recycle all kinds of equipment including Windows XP Computers, PBX Systems, Desk-phones and Servers. Everything is processed in accordance with European regulations and nothing goes to landfill. We handle your Data with care, wither by destroying physical hard drives by pulverisation and by using Blancco certified, industry standard erasure software.

Technology recycling is great way to ensure you are ready for the next generation of Information Technology quickly. It doesn’t matter if you are replacing a few tens of old telephones or removing an entire iSLX Phone system, we can help make way for your next project. Similarly, as more people work from a portable laptop device, let us help to dispose of that old desktop computers, cables, modems, CRT’s, Plasma Screens and Peripherals.


virgin_holidaysVirgin Holidays have been working successfully with System Recycling for the last 2 years. During this period System Recycling have helped us successfully recycle redundant telecoms and it equipment, providing the required certifications. Any money has then been sent to a charity of Virgin Holidays choosing.

My experience of working with System Recycling has always been very positive, in that they are very efficient, helpful and friendly.

Any request is never too large or small, and I am looking forward to working with them in future.

Patrick Watters, Telecoms Manager, Virgin Holidays

Urbis_LogoSystems Recycling provided to Urbis a highly professional and very efficient service. We had an extremely old phone system that need disposing off immediately and they were able to accommodate our small time window.

The system was extremely heavy and located with poor access however Systems Recycling had no issue removing the entire system quickly, safely and without disrupting our work force.  They are a pleasure to deal with and able to deliver a friendly, cost neutral and fast service.  Download Case Study .

Julian Wilson, IT Engineer, Urbis Schreder Ltd

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Urbis Schreder

Systems recycling provided to Urbis a highly professional and very efficient service, safely and without disrupting our work force.  Friendly, cost neutral and fast service. We will definitely be working with them in future. Julian Wilson, I.T. Manager | Urbis Schreder Ltd

Data Destruction

We use industry standard processes to guarantee data security of your business and your customers.

When we recover old technology we use the best, industry standard software available to completely erase your computer hard drive or mobile device. Not only that, but we can rapidly, physically destroy a large number of devices very quickly by crushing circuitry and hard drive platters.

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